Database : PVRR

Welcome to the CPVO database on PVR case law!

This database is a service provided by the CPVO in order to facilitate access to case law from EU States and deciding bodies on Plant Variety Right issues. It consists of a compilation of cases combined with a search tool.

The database provides summaries of case law exclusively in English. It also provides the full text judgments in their original language. Please note that the documents supplied are not the official version of the decisions taken by jurisdictions within the EU. If you wish to have access to the official text, please directly consult the organism which officially took the decision concerned. You may use the data for personal use. For any other use, please contact the CPVO.

The CPVO does its most to provide data of the highest quality possible

The database is a living system which is not yet complete. Data will regularly be added.
It is also an interactive system which allows users to ask questions or communicate additional information and cases to the CPVO via the following link:
pvrcaselaw @